Levram Design Team

Livna Lev-Ram Creative Director

Livna manages each project by communicating with the client, making sure that all necessary information is received and that deadlines are met. She is also responsible for the creative aspect of each project, including concept and design development.

From a young age Livna always had a passion for the arts. She received her bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with an Emphasis in Graphic Design, along with a bachelor degree in Psychology in 2002. Livna constantly advances her education by taking classes at various colleges and institutions, attending design conferences, and keeping up with the latest design trends. She is currently involved with AIGA San Diego and holds the Web Chair position in this professional association for design.

Livna has lived and traveled to various places across the world. She loves to experience different cultures and nature as this helps diversify her creativity and ideas. In her spare time Livna enjoys surfing, running, and yoga followed by watching really slow foreign films while munching on some Nori-Maki.