What We Believe In

Levram Design believes that we are all responsible for what is happening in the world. It is no secret that there are many problems today across the globe such as environmental issues, poverty, lack of education, disease, war, and many more to list. While we cannot work for free year round, Levram Design gives discounts for non-profits and occasionally donates pro-bono work to non-profits that the company strongly believes in.

The Logo

Many people ask us about our logo…so here is the scoop: The red-eyed tree frog is a reminder of nature (which inspires us), while his colorful eyes are a reminder of unique, effective design (which also inspires us).

We were told that in certain Native American tribes the frog is a symbol of maintaining environmental sustainability. And yet, frog populations have declined dramatically since the 1950s: More than one-third of species are believed to be threatened with extinction and more than 120 species are suspected to be extinct since the 1980s. Habitat loss is a significant cause of frog population decline, as are pollutants, climate change, the introduction of non-indigenous predators/competitors, and emerging infectious diseases including chytridiomycosis. Many environmental scientists believe that amphibians, including frogs, are excellent biological indicators of broader ecosystem health because of their intermediate position in food webs, permeable skins, and typically biphasic life (aquatic larvae and terrestrial adults).

In other words, we need to help the environment and make sure these species don’t become extinct not just for the frogs, but also for us!

That's probably more than you needed to know about frogs, but hopefully this will give you deeper insight into our logo and what we believe in.